Career With Us

Job information

  • Job Post: Marketing Representative
  • Time: Flexible (Part Time/Full Time)
  • Apply Now: APPLY

Opportunities For Job

Opportunities for job post in Marketing Representative.

Eligibility for Job:

  • Minimum Qualification of Matriculation or Above
  • Knowledge of Operating Internet
  • Should have Patience for Learn
  • Speaking Skill in Hindi
  • Speaking Skill in English(is Bonus not compulsory)

Selection Procedure:

  • Apply by filling some basic Informations
  • After that, You have to wait for 24hours to get a confirmation Email or Call.
  • Will be scheduled for interview
  • After Interview you will be selected or rejected for the job post.

Interview Mode:

  • Offline (by meeting in office or anywhere else)
  • Online (in ZOOM Meeting or Google Meet )